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Exterior Rendering: 11 Additional Views Architects Can Access at a Discount

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What comes to mind when you think of exterior rendering? Likely, it’s something akin to the cover image of this article: a frontal, eye-level view taken during the day. This perspective is quite popular for showcasing buildings. However, depending on the platform and presentation needs, you might require more than just this viewpoint. Various exterior rendering options are available to help you showcase all aspects of your project. You’ll be pleased to know that additional rendering options are often discounted. The key is that CG images of the same building can be created using the existing 3D scene, eliminating the need to build it from scratch each time. Typically, only minor adjustments are needed to produce a new rendering, saving time and effort, and thus reducing costs.

Our 3D rendering studio is delighted to create visuals representing your project from every possible angle. So, what additional rendering options are available at a discount? Let’s find out!

1. Slight Camera Angle Change

exterior rendering

Even a subtle shift in the camera angle can offer a new perspective and enhance the informativity of the presentation, giving a fuller understanding of the design and surroundings.

2. Side View

exterior rendering

Showcasing the building’s profile helps reveal details and proportions that may be obscured in frontal views, allowing for a better assessment of the project’s overall aesthetic and functionality.

3. Rear View

3d rendering

This angle provides valuable insights into the outdoor space, landscaping, and potential amenities, enabling discussions on backyard design and usage.

4. Zoom Out

Zoom out rendering

Widening the angle to cover more surroundings helps to show the building within its context better, highlighting the property and providing information about neighboring structures, streetscapes, and green spaces.

5. Zoom In

zoom in render

Zoomed-in options enable a detailed examination of materials, textures, and design elements, enhancing the viewer’s understanding and appreciation of specific features and details.

6. Ratio Change

rear view of exterior rendering

Adapting the image ratio ensures optimal presentation and engagement across various online channels, such as square pictures for Instagram and vertical ones for Stories.

7. Time of the Day Change

nighttime rendering

Presenting different lighting and time of the day options adds versatility and realism, evoking different moods and emphasizing various architectural features.

8. Color Change

architectural rendering

Maintaining original textures while adjusting colors allows clients to explore different color schemes and concepts without altering the overall design. This approach helps clients find their architectural vision’s most suitable visual representation.

9. Finishes Change

architectural rendering

Switching out materials lets clients compare finishes and surface treatment options, streamlining the design refinement process and ensuring alignment with project objectives.

10. Architectural Elements Change

architectural 3d rendering

Architects and designers refine the facade by testing different design ideas and exploring various levels of detail to understand how modifications impact the overall aesthetic and functionality of the building. This iterative approach leads to a more informed decision-making process and a cohesive final design.

11. Landscape Change

lanscape rendering

Presenting various landscaping options enables clients to envision diverse outdoor environments and design scenarios, spanning from lush, verdant gardens to minimalist, pared-down courtyards.

By leveraging these discounted exterior rendering options, architects can enhance their presentations, provide a more comprehensive understanding of the project, and facilitate more engaging discussions with clients. Exploring different perspectives, lighting conditions, and design variations at a reduced cost can be a valuable asset in the architectural decision-making process.

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