3D Rendering for Interior Designers

Bring your ideas to life with CGI and dazzle your audience.

How 3D Rendering Transformed Interior Design Business

Can you think of any other tool which could empower your marketing, negotiations, and time management while saving money? CGI has all these powers and many more. Take a look at the main ways in which it can impact your business.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With CGI, you’ll be able to explain every project aspect. So that clients understand you, ask for amendments if needed, and get exactly what they want.

Reduce Operation Cost

By outsourcing CGI, you will cross off a lot of positions from the list of expenses. In particular, training CGI artists, buying hard- and software, etc.

Save Time

Delegate 3D interior visualization to us, and you will free additional time for more creative and financially rewarding tasks.

Boost Marketing ROI

You’ll always have plenty of top-quality content for your portfolio, social media and print ads. With CGI, you can start promoting a project right after the concept approval.

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Easy Start and Great Result

We will help with whatever your project goals are. We can show your concept based on references, convey your design with accuracy and detail based on blueprints. Just send us the materials you have, and we will provide you with first-class visuals.

Universal Tool for Any Type of Interior

We have extensive experience of work with residential, commercial, public, hospitality, and other types of interior designs. So we will be able to visually present the story of your project and highlight its features.

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CGI for Resdiential Space

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CGI for Hospitality

CGI for Public Space

CGI for Commercial Interior

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CGI for Retail Interior

CGI for Industrial Interior

3D Rendering Solutions for Interior Designers

We can provide you with a large variety of CGI tools to cover all your project needs. Here are the most popular options.

static visualization

Static Visualization

Use static 3D renderings to present your concept in detail and with an enticing atmosphere. Show the layout, furniture placement, lighting scenarios, materials, decor and art pieces.

3D Animation

Take your customers on a tour around the future interior. The tool will catch attention at presentations, engage viewers on social media, impress stakeholders and serve as a great tool for pre-selling real estate.

3D Cinemagraph

Use atmospheric cinemagraphs to stand out in the feed. The movement will help attract views, clicks, and likes, and the visual impact will motivate people to visit the portfolio or project page on your website.

Virtual Tours

Opt for virtual tours to make it hard for people to stop viewing your project. Whether it’s a concept presentation, social media post or a portfolio entry, a virtual tour makes people quit whatever they are doing to go on a virtual walk around your creation.

virtual tour

Innovative Process for 3D Rendering Collaboration

We will take care of everything, including production, management, and Quality Assessment. This way, you will be able to participate in the project exactly as much as you want. For that purpose, we have developed a CGI CRM online platform and set up an innovative project management system that allows the teams to just run themselves. Let’s find out more.

Online Сollaboration Platform

Easy Project Management. All project information, including your requirements, briefs, feedback, source files, results, and financial reports will be stored on CGI CRM indefinitely. You can easily access them at any time.

Smooth Communication. On CGI CRM, you will be able to chat with your project or task team whenever you need to. It’s as if they were sitting in the same office space as you.

Editing Tools. With CGI CRM’s built-in editing tools, you will be able to leave comments right on the results. And that without uploading images to any third-party software. 

70K 3D Models. You will get free access to our virtual library with 70K 3D models of furniture, decor, textiles, furnishings and fixtures. You can use them in your projects and decrease its cost and speed up the timeline.

3D Rendering Dream Team

Dedicated Team. You will be working with the same team of 3D visualizers and an art director who will know all your preferences. This way, you won’t have to explain your basic requirements every time.

Personal Manager. Your CGI team will be managed by a project manager. They will take care of project planning, monitoring the progress, reporting, and communication.

Infinite Scalability. We have 40+ CGI artists, so we can add new specialists and teams to your project whenever necessary. The project manager of the core team will ensure visual consistency of the output. 

Double QA Check. Your team will equally take care of the quality assessment. The project manager will check for compliance with the brief, and the art director will assess the quality.

Help with Reporting. If you need reports but have no time for them, you can delegate their making to our project manager. They will deliver it in any format of your choice, such as Google Sheets or CRM table. The PM will then upload the report to your server.

Frequently asked questions

Just email us Brief at Info@avenir3d.org  along with additional materials, such as style and mood references, materials, and blueprints. If you don’t have all of them, don’t worry. Send us what you have and we’ll start work.

 The exact price depends on the type of space, number of details, views, resolution, the need for modeling custom elements and textures, etc. To get an estimated cost of your project, please contact us via email.

There are a number of ways you can get high-class interior visualization with a lower budget. In particular, you can order fewer views, use ready 3d models rather than order brand-new ones, send us a detailed SOW, send CAD/Revit models, and extend the project’s timeframe.

The choice of 3d modeling and visualization software depends on the project type and pipeline. Overall, there are a lot of excellent choices, such as Autodesk 3ds Max, Unreal Engine, Blender, Lumion, and ZBrush.

The project starts with a brief. A project manager looks at the information, asks questions if necessary, and gives an estimated time and cost of delivery. Then, the project starts. Step-by-step, CGI artists will create and send for approval a grayscale rendering with geometry, a rendering with textures and materials, and a 3D rendering in low resolution. Once the latter is approved, the CGI artists render a full-resolution render.