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3D Virtual Tours

Quadruple the Number of Leads with Immersive Experiences

Stand Out in Listings

CG virtual tours grab visitors’ attention and induce them to sneak a look at the property. As people linger to see more, they can’t help but fall in love with it.

Showcase the Lifestyle

Bare walls and construction sites don’t sell. Meanwhile, a 3D virtual tour draws attention to the gorgeous house and inspires dreams about living there.

Make Viewings Interactive

A photoreal virtual tour allows prospects to see every room and corner at their own pace. And that — whenever and as many times as they want.

Improve User Experience

CG virtual tours allow viewers to get a sense of what it feels like to live in a dwelling. It shows textiles and materials, textures, colors, and fine detailing.

Present like a real estate rock star

Whatever the type of property, the 3D virtual tour will show it in the best light and will
ensure that the viewers remember every feature.

3D Virtual Tours for Residential Interiors and Exteriors

Give the buyers the fullest online experience possible of what their home will look like on the outside and inside.

3D Virtual Tours for Office Space

Show what the office will look like to future tenants and buyers. Highight practical layout, comfortable furniture, and unique style of the space.

Exterior rendering

3D Virtual Tours for Commercial Interiors

Let people explore the space from a visitor’s point of view.

Exterior rendering

3D Virtual Tours for Residential Interiors

Take clients on a tour around their future house.

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VR Fusion for More Immersive and Interactive Experience

In VR Fusion, users can navigate interiors and exteriors as well as customize design, lighting, and their journey’s pace.

Exterior rendering

Virtual 3D Maps to Show Projects in the Real-World Context

By integrating a lifelike 3D model of the future building into Google Maps, we can help your clients see how your project will fit into the neighborhood.

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How Does It Work?

Fill in the Brief

We can easily work with any materials you have. Floor plans, sketches, reference imagery, etc. You’ll find the full list in the brief.

Stay in Touch

You can set tasks, choose 3D models, make revisions, talk with the team and check on the progress via our online CRM platform at any time. 

Get Results

At this stage, you can view and approve the 3D virtual tour. With such a marketing asset, you’re bound to become a real estate sales rockstar.

Your Partners in CGI and Time-efficiency

Time is the most precious asset of all, so we have created a workflow that helps you liberate as much of it as possible. We will save you time by:

Your personal CGI team

You’ll work with a dedicated team that includes CGI artists, a project manager, and an art director. They will ensure the workflow is efficient and that all your requirements are met with 100% precision.

Platform for smooth communication

In our CGI CRM, all your projects, files, and chats with the team are well-organized and easy to manage. Also, it includes transparent financial reporting and can be integrated with your system if needed.

Workflow tailored to your needs

Depending on your project needs, you can choose to stick to our standard workflow or use the agile model. The latter allows you to have your project successfully finished even if you do not have a full brief.

Frequently asked questions

You will get:
– panoramic renders in 6000×3000 px resolution;
– a zip archive with an HTML file — on request.

There are 3 ways of using 3D virtual tours — posting them on websites, apps and Facebook.


Websites. The client can upload a zip archive with the Html file and 3D renders to their website and use it as:
– an additional page;
– part of a current page with the iframe tag.

Apps. There are a lot of mobile applications that support 360 panoramas. Using your smartphone or tablet, you can upload one or several panoramic 3D renders to show what the rooms will look like in real life. The apps use the accelerometer of the device, so when you move and tilt it the view changes accordingly. Some of the most popular apps are Vieweet 360 and P360, both available for iOS and Android.

Facebook posts. You can add a 3D panoramic image to a Facebook post so that your followers can view the 360° render right on your page.

CG virtual tours show future homes in photorealistic quality. Posted on websites, they present properties 24/7 and attract more prospects to the listings. Plus, 3D tours are interactive. They allow people to view every aspect of the space for as long as they need to.

We can create for you a show-stopping VR interactive tour. But the 3D virtual tours you see on this page are made in 3Ds Max and therefore not VR-compatible. Should you need a VR tour, please let us know before the project starts. In that case, we’ll use the Unreal Engine software.

To create a virtual tour, 3D artists need floor plans, elevations, furniture layouts, lighting schemes, a selection of furniture and finishing materials, and background images. Also, every tour has hotspots — indicators that help the viewers navigate the virtual rooms. So, in your project brief, you should specify how many hotspots you want in your tour, and where you want them.

The cost of a virtual tour depends on the characteristics of a particular project. To get an accurate estimate, contact us via email or phone below.