dollhouse rendering

Dollhouse 3D Rendering

A new way to present architectural projects and promote real estate.

A 2-in-1 view

Dollhouse 3D rendering provides high-quality images that allow viewers to see both the interior and the surroundings of a building.

Revolutionary approach

Photorealistic section views allow for better communication and understanding among project stakeholders.

A real eye-catcher

Dollhouse renders make great real estate marketing visuals that instantly draw the attention of potential buyers or tenants.

Dollhouse Rendering for Residential Property

Your clients have never seen anything like this. It’s all they need to know about their interior — in one image.

dollhouse rendering

Dollhouse Rendering for Commercial Property

dollhouse exterior rendering

Show the big picture

With dollhouse 3D rendering, you can present your creative vision as a whole, comprehensive concept.

Add fine details

There is no limit to the amount of detail you can have in a dollhouse render, down to the smallest decor items.

Zero-Effort Workflow

Send Us a Brief

We provide you with a detailed brief template, which includes a list of references for each type of 3D rendering project.

Stay in Touch

You can set tasks, give notes, talk to your team, and track the progress of your projects via our CRM system at any time.

Get Results

With dollhouse 3D rendering, you can take your design presentations or property marketing to the next level.

Your Best Partners in 3D Visualization Outsourcing

We offer a full range of 3D rendering services, high-speed delivery, and a workflow designed entirely for your convenience. With AVENIR, you get more than with any other studio you’ve ever worked with.

Top-level project management. Your projects are managed by trained professionals with unparalleled efficiency and attention to detail. They ensure that every requirement of yours is fulfilled, the deadlines are met, and the image quality is up to the highest standards.

A dedicated team of CGI experts. You get a personal team of 3D artists who work on each of your projects. They know all of your do’s and don’ts, which allows you to save time on explanations and receive visuals that are perfectly consistent in style and quality without any delays. Plus, we’re always ready to scale up for bigger projects.

Free, unlimited access to our extensive library of CG assets. You can use our collection of over 74,000 3D models to add stylish furniture, appliances, decor, plants, cars, etc. to your renders. Those are all real products from real brands, so you can keep true to your concepts. You can choose the items yourself or leave it up to your 3D artists. Overall, using our library will save you a lot of time and money, since your team won’t have to custom-model every piece.

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Frequently asked questions

A dollhouse 3D rendering is a photorealistic section view of a building. It allows one to see the building’s interior and surroundings at the same time.

Architects and interior designers can use dollhouse renderings in their project presentations. With these visuals, they can achieve a greater level of communication and understanding among clients, construction crews, and other project stakeholders.

Dollhouse renders are perfect for virtual staging. These images help real estate developers and agents showcase the dimensions and layouts of their properties in both aesthetic and highly informative way. As a result, they can find buyers or tenants much faster.

A dollhouse 3D rendering can look 100% photorealistic, just like regular interior and exterior CG images.

A dollhouse rendering can have any level of detail, from low to high. With a low level of detail, it shows only key objects, such as large pieces of furniture and appliances. While with a high level of detail, the viewers can see different material finishes, decor items, and lifestyle objects that fill the images with character and context.