4 Types of People in 3D Rendering for Architecture

3d people

When creating architectural 3D rendering, adding people can greatly enhance the visual appeal and realism of the final image. People provide a sense of scale and help viewers visualize how the space will be used and experienced. As an architectural design firm or 3D visualization studio, you have several options for including people in your CGI projects.

Let’s explore four popular approaches:

1. Photorealistic People

Photorealistic People

The most realistic and detailed option is to use photorealistic 3D human models. These models are highly detailed, accurately proportioned, and meticulously textured digital representations of people that seamlessly blend into the rendered scene. While they offer the highest level of realism, they also require more time and resources to create. This approach is often used for high-end luxury projects where attention to detail is crucial.

2. Stylized People

3d model people

For a more artistic or illustrative look, stylized 3D people models can be a great choice. These characters have a simplified, cartoon-like appearance, often with exaggerated features or unique visual styles. Stylized people can help establish a specific mood or aesthetic and can be more cost-effective than photorealistic models.

3. Stock 3D People

3d model people

Another option is to use stock 3D human models. These pre-made, off-the-shelf digital people can easily integrate into your 3D scenes. Stock people models come in a variety of poses, ethnicities, and styles, allowing you to populate your renderings without the need for custom modeling quickly. While they may not have the same level of detail as photorealistic or stylized models, stock people can be a time-saving and budget-friendly solution.

4. Silhouettes and Placeholder Figures

3d people

For a more minimalist approach, simple silhouettes or placeholder figures can be used in your 3D renderings. These are basic, low-detail representations of people that provide a sense of scale and human presence without drawing too much attention. Silhouettes and placeholder figures are a good option when you want to focus the viewer’s attention on the architectural elements rather than the people themselves.

Ultimately, the choice of how to incorporate people into your 3D architectural rendering will depend on your project’s specific needs, budget, and the desired visual style. By considering these four options, you can find the right approach to bring your architectural visualizations to life and engage your clients or audience more meaningfully.

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