3D Rendering Techniques

Exploring the Types of 3D Cutaway Rendering in Architecture

3d cutaway rendering

3D rendering offers numerous benefits, including enhanced visualization, increased accuracy, and faster project completion times. It allows architects to present their designs in a more realistic and detailed manner, helping clients to better understand the final product. 

3D cutaway rendering is a powerful visualization tool used in architecture to present the interior structure of a building. Also known as technical illustration, 3D cutaway rendering provides a detailed and informative view of a building’s design, allowing architects, engineers, and designers to communicate their ideas more effectively. 

If you have yet to consider this type of 3D visualization, it is a great time to learn about it. Our 3D rendering studio has prepared to help you discover the various kinds of cutaway rendering and their uses. Let’s get started!

1. Non-Photorealistic Technical 3D Cutaway Rendering

3d cutaway rendering

Non-photorealistic technical 3D cutaway rendering is a powerful tool for architectural rendering, allowing for the detailed and informative visualization of a building’s internal structure and systems. 

This type of rendering focuses on technical details rather than aesthetic appeal. It provides a clear and easily understood visualization of the structural and engineering aspects of an object and how it will be integrated into the existing urban surroundings. A cutaway render can visually explain that all technical criteria are met while illustrating the convenience and safety of future construction. This helps to facilitate communication with stakeholders, especially when their focus is on functionality and regulations compliance.

2. Dollhouse 3D Cutaway Rendering

dollhouse 3d rendering

Dollhouse CGI is probably the most visually appealing type of 3D cutaway rendering. It offers a unique and comprehensive view of a building’s interior while demonstrating its exterior and surroundings. Resembling a dollhouse, this CGI shows a building in a vertical cut. 

A dollhouse 3D rendering allows potential real estate buyers or investors to visualize the layouts and interior designs across different floors of a property in a single glance. The unusual look of such imagery ensures that the viewer will stop scrolling. In turn, the high informativity of dollhouse CGI helps viewers to get everything they need to know about the space and its design in no time. This makes it ideal for architectural marketing.

3. 3D Floor Plan

3d floor plan

Another type of 3D cutaway rendering, 3D floor plan is widely used in both digital and print real estate advertising. This tool enhances traditional 2D-floor plans, showing a top-down section of an apartment or a floor in photoreal quality. Such a rendering offers prospects a more comprehensive understanding of the space. 

3D floor plans provide an easy way to visualize living or working in a given space. They offer a detailed view of the spatial relationship between different areas within a floor which makes them highly informative and efficient for promotional materials.

3D rendering services provide an informative and fresh perspective on complex structures. It is easy to understand and visually interesting to look at. Whether used for tenders, marketing, or client presentations, cutaway renderings facilitate the comprehension of conceptual designs and their planned realization. 

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