3D Cinemagraph

A stunning visual asset for presenting architectural designs and promoting real estate.


Showcase your buildings’ lighting solutions at different times of the day — in a dynamic way.


Use animated visual effects to increase the aesthetic appeal of your presentation or marketing CGI.


Appeal to your viewers’ emotions by adding captivating storytelling elements to the visuals.

Focus and Flexibility

Use cinemagraph rendering to captivate clients, subscribers, and site visitors with your exquisite designs. You can highlight, wrap up in a story and bring to life every benefit and aspect of your project.

Interior Design

Exterior Design


The Best of Both Worlds

A combination of still imagery and animated VFX, a 3D cinemagraph is an incredibly attractive and versatile type of CGI for architecture and real estate professionals.

Impactful Presentations

Including a 3D cinemagraph in your design presentation will help to communicate your vision more effectively and impress the viewers.

Powerful Marketing

Stand out from your competitors and increase prospects’ engagement by adding 3D cinemagraphs to your website, social media, digital catalogs and advertising.

Dynamic Demonstration

Use 3D cinemagraphs to attract viewers’ attention to particular aspects of your project in an informative and entertaining way.

Our Streamlined Workflow

Start a Project

Send a brief with your requirements and references, such as drawings, mood boards, etc.

Give Notes

Review intermediate results and ask your 3D artists to make changes, if necessary.

Receive Results

Get stunning 3D cinemagraphs for your presentations or marketing activities.

What You Get with ArchiCGI

Our studio creates top-quality visuals within the shortest possible time thanks to powerful tech solutions and impeccable project management. With us, you get the best experience in outsourcing 3D visualization.

Convenient CRM system. Using our custom-made project communication platform, you can chat with your team, send and receive files, and track task statuses and payments — all in one place.

Access to our library of CG assets. ArchiCGI has a collection of 70,000+ ready-to-use 3D models, with which you can create gorgeous, unique visuals of your building designs.

Personalized approach. The team of experts assigned to your projects will fully focus on your business needs — from adjusting communication hours to your time zone to keeping a record of your requirements for the visuals.

Reviews from Our Clients

Frequently asked questions

A 3D cinemagraph is a CG image with animated visual effects added to it. Those can include a change of lighting, various weather conditions, moving cars in the street, etc.

In a 3D cinemagraph, the frame always stays the same, with only one or a few small elements moving. In a CG video, the camera moves, changing the frames dynamically and showcasing various parts of a building from different angles.

The animated elements in 3D cinemagraphs add depth and character to CG architectural visuals. That makes them more appealing, as well as informative — for instance, in the case of using 3D cinemagraphs to show a building’s lighting solutions.

Using 3D cinemagraphs in real estate marketing helps you increase prospects’ engagement and leave a lasting impression, as well as set yourself apart from the competition.

3D cinemagraphs can be shared as videos and GIFs, the most common file formats being .mp4 and .gif.